Sara Peeters

This is me!

I am Sara Peeters, a 26 year old webdesigner / webdeveloper. I am an ex-student Devine at Howest Kortrijk.

Once I get to know my tools, I work very fast. I am always trying to improve myself and the environment around me.

When designing websites, I do my best to make every site unique. Each company has their own identity, and this must be shown through their website!

User experience is also very important to me. I try to give the user a memorable experience when he visites one of my sites, a wow-effect. And above all, the website must be user friendly.

Below you can find my skills. Click on an icon for more information.

My skills


HTML is used to code and structure website pages, such as this one!


CSS is used to layout webpages.


PHP makes connections between a webpage and a database possible.


MYSQL is needed to interact with databases.


ActionScript 3 is used mostly in Flash websites or applications.


JavaScript and jQuery can make websites flashy, animated and dynamic.

I am very experienced with the Adobe Master Collections package. This includes Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Flash, and more.

The Microsoft Office package holds no secrets to me. Even behind-the-scenes Macro's are no problem for me.


I can work with Cinema4D, creating 3D objects, compositions or scenes.


I have a basic knowledge of C# and C++.


I can program Object Oriënted in all of these programming languages.

I posses various more programming skills such as VB.Net, ASP, Arduino, OpenFrameworks, OpenNI, MVC structures, etc.